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Questions for those with experience:

How do you handle daycare?

Jennifer: day care (4/7/99 0:05 AM)
Chris D: daycare (2/24/00 11:36 PM)
Kimberly: Social Issues (2/8/00 4:37 PM)

How do you give pills to an infant?

Danny Carlton: How to give pills to infants (5/7/99 8:53 PM)

How do I deal with the moodiness?

Gareth: Mood swings on changing medication (9/3/99 3:06 AM)
Danny Carlton: Re: personality (8/7/01 5:17 PM)

How do we get insurance?

Bonnie: Meds/Insurance Coverage (8/14/00 7:12 PM)
Amber: Insurance (4/22/00 11:52 PM)

How do I answer all the questions from relatives and strangers?

Chris D: Unwelcome questions (9/2/99 1:15 PM)