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These questions were compiled from the 70,000+ messages in the main message board archives. They have been divided into categories based on the type of question, and who is in the best position to answer them. As the need for these questions can be pressing this page is being set up before all of the questions have answers. The answers will be added as soon as possible. 

Basic factual questions
Which states require CAH screening for newborns?
How do I get my state to screen newborns for CAH?
Where do I get medical bracelets?
Are there any support groups for adults with CAH?

Questions for those with experience
How do you handle daycare?
How do you give pills to an infant?
How do I deal with the moodiness?
How do we get insurance?
How do I answer all the questions from relatives and strangers?

Questions about controversial issues
Is cosmetic surgery needed on CAH girls?
Will CAH make my child a homosexual?

Questions for those with experience as well as doctors or nurses
What kind of info do I need to take to the emergency room?
What kind of problems do adults with CAH have?
Are headaches common with CAH?
How in the world do I get my baby to take all this salt?!?
Does the whole family need to be tested?
How do I find the best doctor/surgeon/endocrinologist?
Should we take the Solu-Cortef everywhere we go?
Should we have more children?

Questions for doctors
What are the different medications prescribed for CAH?
How reliable are the various testing methods?
What's the best time of day to have blood labs done?
What does it mean when the doctor says the adrenal glands are suppressed?
My child is growing slow, why?
What's the difference between 17 Hydroxylase and 21 Hydroxylase?
What do I do when my child gets sick?
Can growth hormones be used to offset the loss of growth?
How does CAH affect fertility?
Are there any CAH medical breakthroughs on the horizon?